Teacher Resources Allergies

Click on the headings below to access handy food allergy information for teachers.

Introduction to our food allergy processes.
This form is in a word format which means it can simply be typed into a required, before being sent through to Camp Sunnystones prior to camp.
This document outlines the role of the special diets coordinator, which is a member of the visiting staff who will be assisting with dietary information before and during camp.
This document shows our process from before camp through to during camp.
We have very specific rules on our preparation of food and this is an overview of our guidelines.
A simple side by side menu for our standard and allergy free meals.
A simple side by side menu with our standard menu and vegetarian menu.
This document contains photos of ingredients lists for all of our allergy-free cooking.
This link is an ASCIA action plan which is to be filled out for each student with anaphylaxis and provided to Camp Sunnystones.
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