A spectacular bush setting for your wedding!

The Setting...

Sunnystones is a 50 acre property bordering the Long Forest Nature Conservation Reserve.  We enjoy uninterrupted views of the forest, including many varieties of wildflowers, mallee trees and box gums.


We have a large space just down the valley from the homestead which is perfect for the ceremony and/or reception.  The setup can be customised to your liking, and vehicle access means it is possible for an array of personalised choices!

Our service partners...


With some help from some external companies, we can make any part of the property functional, stress free, and most importantly - fun!  

As seen in the above photos, a tipi is a fantastic choice and a guaranteed talking point for you and your guests for years to come - visit www.tipikata.com.au

We will also provide some catering partners and other needs in this section soon, so please check back again.


The homestead...

The homestead is a large stone building that can accommodate 90 guests.  For a  detailed description, including a floor plan, please click here.  The homestead is broken into two separate wings, includes a large dining hall, commercial kitchen, sun room, three fireplaces, nine bathrooms, games room, conversation pit... It just has to be seen to fully appreciate.

Courtyard View.jpg
Outside View.png
Front Lawn Sunshine.png

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