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Meet the Owners

Meet Kate and Matt Hope, proud owners of Camp Sunnystones! Kate and Matt have owned and operated the business for over 13 years and have created a warm and welcoming camp environment that promotes a positive connection with our peers, ourselves and the natural environment. As two former P.E teachers who love the outdoors, they both have a wealth of knowledge and an ability to always create an inviting atmosphere. It is safe to say that they have truly found their passion and created a home away from home on their picturesque 50 acre property that they cannot wait to share with you.

However, the self-appointed owner of the camp is Kate and Matt’s cheeky Jack Russel - Charlie. If you’ve had a camp with us you have probably met our little rascal Charlie, who’s world (according to him) we are all living in. He thrives off pats, play fighting and loves to drop by whenever food is around.


Meet theTeam


Meet Jessy 🌻
(aka: "Admin Fairy", "J-Dawg", "Jess", "The J Train")

Jessy's out Camp Administrator here and her favourite activities at Sunnystones are:
The Walk In 🚶🏼‍♀️
And Rockwall / Dreamweaver 🧗🏼‍♀️

Jessy in three words:
Creative, Optimistic and Quirky

What is Jessy's favourite thing about working at Camp Sunnystones:
"School camps were one of my favourite things about school growing up, so being able to give this opportunity to kids every day is a dream, I get to work with kids, the outdoors and an awesome crew. what more could you want!"

Fun fact about Jessy:
"She's Illustrated a book that is in the process of being published!"

Meet Steph ❤️‍🔥
(aka: "Steph", "Stepho", "Stephawadie")

Steph is out Activity Coordinator and her favourite activities at Sunnystones is:
Walk in 🚶‍♀️
Canoeing 🚣
& Archery 🎯

Steph in three words:
Bubbly, Energetic & Caring

What is Steph's favourite thing about working at Camp Sunnystones:
"I love being out in nature & showing off the Australian Bush to all school groups that we get at camp. The view is also a gorgeous aspect of the job!"

Fun fact about Steph:
She can't blow up balloons 🎈

Meet Kim 💖
(aka: "Camp Mum", "Kimba", "Kimmy", "Kimmo")

Kim's our Kitchen Manager (and fill in instructor) and her favourite activities at Sunnystones are:
Archery 🎯
Lowropes 🪢
And Bushcooking 🍊

Kim in three words:
Honest, loyal and funny

What is Kims's favourite thing about working at Camp Sunnystones:
"Seeing the kids confidence grow and working with Jessy!"

Fun fact about Kim:
She use to be a private investigator. 🕵️‍♀️


Meet Jasmin 🌸
(aka: "Jaz", "Jazzy", "Jaz-a-tron", "get Jazzy with it")

Jasmin is apart of our kitchen crew and her favourite dish at Sunnystones is:
Chocolate Mousse with ice-cream and raspberries 🍦🍓

Jasmin in three words:
Chilled, fun and hard-working

What is Jasmin's favourite thing about working at Camp Sunnystones:
"Just seeing how much the kids love being at camp especially when they are getting their hungry tummies filled "

Fun fact about Jasmin:
She has a crazy dog who loves to eat everything (including the trampoline) 🐶

Meet Tayla 🤗
(aka: "TayTay", "Swifty", "Bush Cooking Wilson")

Tayla is a Activity Instructor and her favourite activities at Sunnystones is:
Bush Cooking 🔥
Dreamweaver 🪢

Tayla in three words:
Adventurous, Caring and Creative

What is Tayla's favourite thing about working at Camp Sunnystones:
"I love being outside all day and sharing my love for the outdoors with the kids and my fellow work mates! I also love seeing kids experience life without technology and enjoying nature!"

Fun fact about Tayla:
"I used to love chickens so much that when I was younger I had my chickens trained to follow me and I would spend my whole night after school with them, watching them go to sleep and then come inside - I would never come in until the chickens had gone to sleep!" 🐤

Meet Michelle 🤙🏼
(aka: "shelly", "grover", "shell-dawggg")

Michelle is an outdoor instructor and her favourite activities are:
Bush Cooking 🍊
And Archery 🎯

Michelle in three words:
Bubbly, friendly and adventurous

What is Michelle's favourite thing about working at Camp Sunnystones:
"I love getting to have fun with the kids and love their celebrations when they achieve something awesome like a bullseye"

Fun fact about Michelle:
She is currently learning how to surf 🌊🏄🏼‍♀️


Meet Abi ❤️‍🔥
(aka: "Abs", "Absibubs", "Abidabidoo")

Abi is apart of our kitchen crew and her favourite dish at Sunnystones is:
Nachos 🌮

Abi in three words:
The. Best. Worker.

What is Abi's favourite thing about working at Camp Sunnystones:
"The views of the hills"

Fun fact about Abi:
She won a championship title for being the fastest person in the state to solve a rubik's cube ⏱️

Meet Summer ☀️
(aka: "Sum Sum", "Sumsied", "Winter", "Autumn", "Spring")

Summer is part of the Kitchen crew and her favourite dish at Sunnystones is:
Nachos 🌮

Summer in three words:
Energetic, Funny, Outrageously-good-at-cooking

What is Summer's favourite thing about working at Camp Sunnystones:
"I love talking with the kids and seeing the bush art that they have made during the day."

Fun fact about Summer:
"I live next door to camp and ride my bike over for work"

Meet Regan 💃🏻
(aka: "Regs", "Monty-saurus", "Reg-can")

Regan is apart of our kitchen crew and her favourite dish at Sunnystones is:
Baked Potatoes 🥔

Regan in three words:
Easy-going, helpful and honest

What is Regan's favourite thing about working at Camp Sunnystones:
"Sneaking in vegetable in the bolognaise and then telling the kids about it."

Fun fact about Regan:
She has read over 50 books in 2022 📚📖

Take a trip back in time with us!

We acknowledge that the Traditional Owners of the land that we work and live on, are the Wurundjeri People of the Kulin Nation. The land was traditionally occupied by and connected to a number of Aboriginal communities, most notably the Wadawurrung Tribe, Wurundjeri Tribe, and the Dja Dja Wurrung Tribe. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging. We celebrate the stories, culture and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders of all communities who also work and live on this land.

The Camp Sunnystones popular stone Homestead was built in the 80's as a residential home and shortly after, became a school camp. The building was built by stones from the area and has since had a few extensions such as the south stone masons building. 

Through management changes the camp's activities have stayed true to outdoor adventure and team building style activities.



Our History


Our Mission

What we do

We provide exceptional opportunities for people to connect with nature and each other in the beautiful Bacchus Marsh area. This includes school camps, weddings and group trips.

How we help

We support our visitors and team members to:

Screenshot 2022-07-14 103847.png

Strengthen wellbeing
by connecting with themselves and the people around them.

with nature.

Develop new
skills and
grow their

Relax and have
fun, which
creates great

Earn a living and
have a sense of
purpose through
meaningful work.

Our Commitment

 Camp Sunnystones is committed to promoting and protecting the interests and safety of children, young adults, vulnerable people and people at risk. We have zero tolerance for any forms of inappropriate behaviours that go against this commitment.

What we're focusing on




Sustainable and eco- friendly practices 

Pre - and











Set financial goals and targets







happy and 








Screenshot 2022-07-14 103847.png

What brings our team together

We’re a friendly and
professional family
business that has
each others’ backs.

We really care about our visitors, and go above and beyond for memorable, stress-free experiences.

We believe in
the intrinsic
value of

We strike the balance
of teamwork and

Quality Tourism Logo Shield_edited.png
ACA_H_MEMBER_2020 (1).png
Wedshed Logo Green Background.jpg.png
eaasy weddings.png

Please click on the photo to take you to an article from Bridal Magazine "Hello May".  The article includes photos and a great story about a wedding we were priveleged to host recently here at Sunnystones.  As well as the link, please see information below about what we offer, plus photos that Narelle and Jimi have allowed us to share with you.  Please feel free to send us an email with any queries you may have, and we will send you all the details you require!  Simply use the email form at the bottom of this page.


Massive thanks to Narelle + Jimi!



Accreditations and Associated Businesses 

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