Wedding FAQ

Please find below a bunch of commonly asked questions about the ceremony, reception, accommodation, equipment hire, and other useful tidbits that will be sure to help you out!
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Ceremony and Reception

Where can we have our ceremony?

The favoured ceremony space is on the lawn at the homestead, which has stunning views over the valley and the Long Forest.  There is also the option of having the ceremony at the bottom of the valley, which can be accessed by walking down the hill from the homestead, and also by a dirt track for vehicles. The property is 50 acres, and has many great vistas and a ceremony can be organised at any space that you believe is suitable.

Where can we have our reception?

Option 1. The Homestead Site

The Homestead is an architecturally designed stone building that has a large dining area that can be suited for a formal sit down wedding or a cocktail style party.  It is serviceable by our commercial kitchen, which can be utilised by caterers of your choice. The dining hall can seat up to 80 guests for a sit down meal or up to 150 for a stand-up cocktail style wedding.

Option 2. The Hill

The Hill is ideal positioning for any arranged outdoor marquees such as a Tipi.  The Hill is just across from the accommodation at the homestead, and is a large open area with sweeping views across the valley and into the Long Forest and beyond.  It is a truly spectacular setting, offering guests (and you!) a wedding with a view!


Option 3. The Valley Site

The Valley is a spectacular site that can be configured to meet your own needs.  We have a marquee available for hire (see below for details), plus there are many options, such as the Tipi that you can find on our gallery page.  The space is very much adaptable and is a short walk down the hill from the Homestead towards the Long Forest.


What furniture is available in the dining room of the homestead?

74 x blonde timber chairs

6 x tables measuring 1800 (length) x 750 (width) x 770 (height).

1 x table measuring 2450 x 750 x 770

27 x plastic chairs

5 x trestle tables measuring 1650 x 720 x 770

Furniture can be moved around in the homestead, we just asked it is put back at the end of your weekend wedding!

What are the dimension of the dining area?

Dimensions of the dining room: 18.3m (length) x 5m (width)

Dimensions of conversation area (at the end of the dining room): 7.7m (length) x 5m (width)

Total dimensions of room: 26m x 5m

Is there electricity at the outdoor wedding sites?

There is limited electricity at the Valley site, however a generator can be hired for a small cost (see hire equipment section on this page)


Are there any noise restrictions?

We are on a large property, but we still need to respect our neighbours, so we have an 11pm limit on loud noise. Under the Environment Protection Act, police have the powers to deal with noise complaints. Failing to comply can result in hefty fines. Our suggestion to couples that want to have the most amount of time celebrating with their family and friends is to begin your day as early as possible. Try for a lunchtime ceremony, this will give you a lot more time to have your photos taken etc and then settle in with your guests!!


Can we get to all outdoor sites in any weather?

The homestead is accessible in all weather types.  The valley site is accessible by a dirt track, which is accesible by car.  However in the event of rain, this will only be accessible by 4 x wheel drive.  In the event of very heavy rain, this track may not be an option. It is important that couples have a back-up plan (usually the homestead) in the event of rain.


Do we have to erect a big tipi/marquee or are we able to have it relatively open instead down at that location?

The use of the tipi/marquee site is completely up to you - only limited by your imagination!

Is there water available at The Valley site?

There are no water taps available down at the valley site. Sorry!

Is there electricity available at The Valley site?

There is a single powerpoint at the Valley Site, and depending on your electricity needs this could suffice. Otherwise - check out generator hire in the Hire Equipment section below.  We've had full bands with PA system set-up play down in the valley before with lighting etc. - so certainly not a problem with the right generator!

Is there lighting available at The Valley site?

Nope, but you are most welcome to set up lighting though with the use of our powerpoint / a hired generator.  In the past we have had festoon lighting, even trees lit up with coloured floodlights - anything is possible!

If it's raining cats and dogs - can we move the whole event to a different area?

For sure!  It's a must-do - have a 'Plan B' in case of rain. Previously, TiPi weddings have moved from the Valley Site (down the dirt track), to The Hill, which as described is at the top of the track (obvsiously!).This change needs to happen before setup though for marquee/Tipi weddings - so usually a couple of days before hand.  You always have access to the Homestead too, so there's a solution to every problem! Check the weather forecast and think about deliveries, marquee set up etc.


How many beds and bathrooms are in each room?

Please click HERE for the layout and descriptions of the rooms.

How many people can stay?

The homestead can sleep up to 90 guests in bunk-bed accommodation.

Can our guests camp outside?

Yes, our camping ground has room for up to 50 campers.  The campground is located about 100m from the homestead. This is a bush camping site with no facilities. Portaloo's can be hired for this site.

What does the accommodation include?

Accommodation includes full access to the entire homestead.


Is linen included with the accommodation?

**Covid update - we currently don't provide sheets or pillows and are requesting that guests bring all of their own bedding for the time being.  We are aiming to get back to providing all beds with a sheet, pillow and pillow case once we update our Covid safe information.

Are the rooms heated or air conditioned?

For rooms 1 - 6: The rooms are heated by our MASSIVE new fireplace - top of the range (we're very proud of it!). This heater located centrally in the main hall, and the heat disperses into the bedrooms quite well. There is actually three separate fireplaces under the same roof - which can heat the place very very very well.  There is not heating in each bedroom - if you're a really cold sleeper, bring an extra blanket.  There are ceiling fans in the main area, though no air conditioning in the main area.

For rooms 7 - 10: There is a reverse cycle air conditioner (and heater) up stairs that can be used for heating and cooling.

We've got a bunch of guests staying the night - what do you need to know?

As part of our safety policies and obligations - we need a list of everybody who stays the night.  This needs to be provided to us ideally a few days beforehand.  We understand this can be tricky to do, especially if you're not sure exactly who is staying.  If you can provide us with the most accurate list you can, and then if anybody joins the list they can email us directly to be added/removed to/from the list.  We just need first and last names - no further information required.  Thanks for your cooperation with this one!

Hire Equipment

Do you have any crockery and cutlery that we could borrow?

We do! Being a school camp, we have a selection of plates, bowls, spoons, knives and forks that you can use.  A few things to keep in mind: they don't match - think stylin' op shop - some very cool plates in the mix!  Also, we have enough for about 80.  As you can imagine, this fluctuates a bit with plates being dropped pretty regularly on school camp!  Before relying on our crockery / cutlery - check it out when you come for a visit - easy.

What about glasses?

We do have some beer and wine glasses that are available for use - though depending on how many guests you have attending you will most likely have to buy / hire some more. Keep tuned for details on how many beer / wine / champagne glasses we have...  

Do you provide us with any accessories/decorations?

If you would like to hire any accessories / decorations / props please email and she'll be more than happy to help!

What extra services can we hire?

We have a marquee available that seats 70, and fits 90 standing.  It is 6m x 9m, and is permenantly set up at the valley site towards the back.  Another option is a Tipi, which can be hired through Portable toilets may also be required depending on which site you choose.

Is the marquee set up for us?

The marquee and set-up is included in package number 3. This only includes the actual marquee set-up, any decorating and tables and chairs are up to the hirer to set-up.

If you choose package number 1 or 2 the marquee can be hired. Set-up of the marquee, is included in the hire fee.

Is the tipi set up for us?

A tipi is not included with our packages. A tipi can be hired from or other third party hire agencies.  Set-up is usually included as part of their hire fee.

Are lights and decorations included with the wedding packages?

We have (amazing!) festoon lighting in our beer garden style courtyard at the homestead.  All other lighting and decorations are to be supplied by you, so you can design it all just as you want it!

Can we have a food truck? Drinks van? Any kinda van??

Yep, yep, and yep! There are SO MANY COOL VANS around - and we've had a bunch out here and we love 'em.  You need to ring them and check whether we are in their area - we're close to the city - so they're happy to come out!  There are loads of options where you park them, and it depends whether you have an outdoor wedding, or have them catering for an indoor wedding, or a mix of both.  For most of these details it'll be up to you and the truck/van people to discuss.  Things to note: if going down to The Valley Site - there is a tricky little left, right, steep section, and the truck or van should come out before hand and double check if they aren't sure whether they will get down or not.  For trucks / vans at The Hill and The Homestead - it's totally no problem!

Can we have a spit roast?

Yes - spit roasts are a great option.  You will need to hire the spit separately, and on a total fire ban day, the spit would need to be gas powered.  Cooking by the fire - classic.

Portaloo Hire?

We have lots of toilets at the homestead, however if you are using The Valley site, this is a bit of a walk down the hill from the homestead and portaloos would be required.  We use Ivers Liquid Waste (0419 400 025) when required, and they are excellent to deal with.  Prices are around the $180 mark for a double toilet, and $120 for a single toilet.  The recommended ratio is usually 1 toilet per 50 guests. Please note these prices are correct at time of publishing, feel free to call the above mobile number to confirm.

Generator Hire?

Coates hire Werribee (03) 8340 4070 can supply a 4.3kVa Inverter Generator for $150, which can power a PA system for a band, lights etc.  There is also a single powerpoint at the Valley Site, and depending on your electricity needs this could suffice.  Again, the price above is correct at time of publishing, give them a buzz on the above number to confirm!

Linen Hire?

We provide all beds with a sheet, pillow and pillow case.  Guests are required to bring a sleeping bag and their own pillow case cover.  

Set Up

Can we store our props/decorations/furniture/chairs etc somewhere?

We do have a shipping container that can be used to store products if required!

Where does everyone park? Buses?

We have a few areas to park, and they are signed (Bus Park, Car Park etc.).  If you are expecting a lot of cars - you will need them to park in the top paddock area - it is handy to make up a sign pointing to it, and even handier to park a couple of cars neatly next to each other in the paddock to start the row - then kick back and watch everyone else follow! Heaps of room - nailed it.

Can we bring things up early? How early??

Most of the time this is absolutely fine - and can be stored in the shipping container as above, too easy. How early you can bring things up depends on how many groups we have in the lead up to your camp and how much space we have - just ask us and we'll work it out!  On occasion you may be able to check in early on the Friday, but this is a case by case basis.

How long do we have use of the property for?

You will have use of the property  for the entire weekend, from 4pm Friday to 2pm Sunday.  As mentioned above, depending on our weekly bookings you may be able to come earlier on the Friday, though this would be on a case by case basis.

Can we get things picked up on Monday morning after our wedding?

A Monday morning pick up of items (portaloos etc.) is generally OK, though it is on a case by case basis.  Please let us know what items will be picked up and when, so we don't interfere with our groups during the week. Ta.

Can Camp Sunnystones staff move the furniture around for us?

We ask that each group moves the furniture around to where they want it.  We can certainly help with basic things - such as moving a few tables around, or a couch here or there, though please don't ask us to empty entire rooms.  If you'd like a whole area of furniture vacated - rope in a few mates to give you a hand, and you're more than welcome to move the furniture as you please.  We also ask that all furniture is shimmied back to it's original home by the end of the weekend.​  You got this!

How big is the Valley Site?  What about The Hill Site?

It is certainly worth visiting to understand the size of the area.  What we can say is, it won't be too small! The property covers 50 acres, so there is certainly room.  Come and have a visit to get a good idea - we love guests!


Can we come and visit?

Sure can - we'd love you to! Email to arrange a time.  Visiting times depend on our current bookings. - so if possible let us know a few days and times that would suit you - or ask us to pick a date that's free. Easy peasy.

Can we have a campfire?

Yes! It is fine to have a fire, as long as it's not a Total Fire Ban day.

There is a campfire down at the tipi site. Can this be used?

Yes absolutely! Same as above.


What are our food options?

There are so many options available! There are numerous caterers available for hire, and they are welcome to use our full commercial kitchen if selected as part of a package. Why not hire a food truck, or a spit roast, or full formal catering? The options are all yours!

What role will the weather play?

All areas of Camp Sunnystones are available for use in all weather.  However - the road to The Valley Site can become troublesome in rain, which would affect any vehicles you needed to get down.  Luckily the rain likes to stay away from us - but obviously we can't promise your day will be dry.

Are people allowed to smoke? 

Yep, sure can. Not inside though.  And it's important that all cigarette butts go into ash trays / bins.  We are on the border of a Nature Conservation Reserve - we spoke to the animals - they don't want the cigarette butts in their lounge room.. We have a few ash trays too - so that's easy, cheers!

How many cars does your car park hold?

We have room for about 100 cars in the car park and the top paddock combined.

Do you have a site map?

Yes, please click THIS LINK for a pdf of our site map.

Do we have to pay a bond?

Yes, we have in place a fully refundable $1000 bond - so don't go breakin' stuff please... 

What activities do we have access to?

We are a school camp during the week - which means we have heaps of really cool activities ready to go if you can fit them in! You can use basic areas such as the volleyball court and the playground as much as you want.  Or you can hire an instructor to do any of the following: Low Ropes Course, Rock Climbing Wall, Hut Building, Bush Cooking, Bush Walking in the Long Forest, Canoeing, Raft Building, Archery, The Survival Game, Geocaching. Brillliant! We can supply an instructor (with prior notice) for $150 per half day to run you through these activities.

Does Camp Sunnystones offer catering?

At this stage we are not offering catering on our own for weddings.  There are HEAPS of options for catering though, such as food trucks, catering businesses, spit roast hire - options are endless!

Where do we put our rubbish?

Recycling! We have a recycling skip in the car park (yellow lid).  We would very much appreciate all recycling products be placed in this skip.  Please note - do not put garbage bags in this skip - a garbage bag full of bottles is no good!  For rubbish - we have a rubbish skip in the same car park that is available for use too.  NO excess rubbish can be left outside as animals could get to it - no skippy, no! Please also ensure the lids on both bins are closed.  Green waste can be put in Scruffy's (our goat!) paddock (must be NO strings / wire anything attached or he will get sick!!)

My question isn't answered here - what do I do now?!

Use the below contact form to ask us, or email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!